A Dance Theatre Adventure.
Commissioned by Cscape Dance Company and SALT Festival.
Directed and Choreographed by Tom Jackson Greaves

Premiered at Trebah Gardens, as part of the Salt 2016 Landscape Dance Festival from July 26th – August 11th 2016
Take the plunge, the water’s lovely, taste the wine and the salty bubbly…
On a storm filled night when clouds were the colour of bad tempers, the briny sea separated Neptune from his son Neleus. But it’s been years… and today, something has washed up on the beach that is neither fish nor bird nor boat. It’s the morning of The Neptunalia Ball, but what or who has arrived? Grab your walking boots and dancing shoes and join us for a maritime feast like no other!
Told through dance, story and installation, this is an odyssey of growing up and returning home. Of prodigal sons, tattoo parlours, journeys and mysteries. Through wit, warmth, beauty and dancing, Cornwall’s leading dance company will take us all on a journey that will delight the whole family!
‘Sometimes the forces of Kernow – its beauty, talent and that certain magical quality – conspire to create something quite wonderful.
Congratulations to Cscape, Kneehigh mainstay Anna Maria Murphy’s ever-enchanting text and, above all, choreographer Tom Jackson Greaves who having left Cornwall to work with the likes of Matthew Bourne has certainly not forgotten us.’

Cornwall Live

‘Neptunalia is a really impressive achievement dovetailing dance, landscape and celebration. It’s a feat of almost unimaginable creativity’

Project Details

Role ‘Big M’ 
Company Cscape
Choreographer/Director Tom Jackson Greaves
Artistic Director Sally Knight
Assistant Director Sioda Martin
Design & Makes Fiona Chivers
Text Anna Maria Murphy
Original Music Seamus Carey