Do you want to feel confident, informed, supported and empowered about your birth?

(without fear getting in the way)

Then my hypnobirthing course is 
for you.


I’m Jessamin - dancer, mother, yoga teacher, hypnobirthing guide, and lover of all things pregnancy and birth x

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Hypnobirthing is a complete birth preparation course.

It helps free you from fear or negative expectation and builds trust in your incredible birthing body, helping you to remain calm, feel more in control and be more comfortable during pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Hypnobirthing combines evidence-based birth education with simple but profound techniques that help transform your outlook, inform your choices and support your journey toward the positive, empowered birth you desire and deserve.

Hypnobirthing helps you deal with the unexpected. 

It is not a ‘type’ of birth, or something to ‘achieve’, but a way of being.

Have questions? Scroll down for my FAQs… and answers x

Knowledge is power.

Let me help you step into yours.

Join my hypnobirthing course if you wish to…

…receive an engaging, interactive, personalised antenatal education that meets you where you are, without judgement

…be personally supported during this transformative time in your life, able to ask questions (there really are no ‘silly’ ones) and receive real time feedback

… go deeper than is possible with a pre-recorded one-size-fits-all course

feel confident that you have the tools for a positive birth in all circumstances, and empowered to make the best choices for you and your family

release any fears or negative expectations you have around birth and parenthood

… empower your birth partner to become your best possible support

…be guided through deeply relaxing self-hypnosis exercises, breathwork and visualisations 

Private and Small Group Courses


An intimate, customised experience, just for you and your birth partner, with flexible timings to make it easy to fit around your work, childcare and other commitments.

I adapt these sessions to meet you exactly where you are in your pregnancy and hypnobirthing journey, whether you…

… are completely new to hypnobirthing (full course)

…have taken a full hypnobirthing course in a previous pregnancy (refresher course)

…have found hypnobirthing later in pregnancy and don’t have the time for the full course (intensive course)

…know there are medical reasons indicating a caesarean birth (calm caesarian course)

Contact me to explore this flexible option

private hypnobirthing with family


During these intimate group courses, I cover everything you need to know to feel confident and empowered on your birth journey, with MP3s and workbooks provided for use between sessions and the rest of your pregnancy.

The course takes ±10 hours, spread across three Live sessions.


JULY 2023 / Live Online

Saturdays 15th, 22nd, 29th July
9:00am – 12:30pm UK time

(Three-session group course)

Investment:  £222 per couple 

Contact me to join waitlist for group courses later in the year


“My Friday mornings – in fact I’d say that actually, some aspects of my whole pregnancy – have been transformed by our precious time moving, breathing and sharing together. How has the time passed so quickly?!

I feel blessed to have benefited from your wisdom and felt such joy in our classes. The sounds of the jungle drifting into our Savasana… heaven. And the feeling of connection to you and the other mamas-to-be is so deeply appreciated – something we all need in these strange times, and even more so as we transition to motherhood. Thank you!!”

Sarah D (Bristol, UK)


Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions about my Hypnobirthing Courses.

I’ve seen pre-recorded online courses that are much cheaper. Why should I pay more for yours?

Studies show that people learn best from people. Especially those offering ongoing support and guidance.

My courses are live, interactive and personalised, tailored to you and your needs, answer your questions in real time, give you hands-on learning experiences, and offer accountability.

Put simply? You get what you pay for, and I think you deserve the best.

Will I be hypnotised?

A common misconception about hypnobirthing is that you will be ‘out of it’, or not in control of your own actions. This simply is not true. We’ll myth-bust what hypnosis actually is (and isn’t) during the course, but essentially hypnobirthing focuses on providing all the practical tools, empowering information and supportive techniques you require in order to experience a deep state of relaxed calm through breathwork, positive affirmations and visualisations… which is good for life, and great during labour.

Do I need to attend antenatal classes as well as hypnobirthing?

No. My courses – which combine full antenatal education and positive birth preparation – will completely prepare you.

When should I commence your hypnobirthing course?

Between 25 and 29 weeks of pregnancy is a common choice. The earlier you start the course the more time you will have to absorb the information and practise the techniques. However, you will still benefit even if you start during your final weeks of pregnancy – it is never too late to contact me so we can work something out.

Do I need to have a birth partner in attendance?

Undertaking the classes alone or accompanied is a personal choice. However, I would encourage you to attend with a birth partner if this is possible, in order to practise the techniques together and support one another throughout your birthing journey.

Your birth partner can be a life partner, family member, friend or acquaintance – anyone, in fact, who you trust to support you. There is no additional fee to pay for them, of course – one fee covers you both.

What areas do you cover?

Online: the whole world!

In-person: I spend the year between Sri Lanka (where I lead retreats and teacher trainings) and the UK… Contact me to discuss how – and where – we might work together.

Have more questions? Send me a message x

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