Jessamin’s movement journey began in the mid-2000s with a fulfilling international career as a professional dancer and performer in theatre, film and opera. During this time she started integrating yoga into her daily dance training, as a method of grounding, energising and realigning the body while on tour.

Jessamin went on to study intensively with leading Vinyasa Flow teachers Claire Missingham, Shiva Rea and Abby Hoffmann, culminating in her becoming a Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher with over 400 hours of training behind her. She now teaches yoga to professional dancers, surfers and yoga students around the world.

Jessamin is passionate about sharing the joy and freedom of movement through yoga – with classes that challenge, strengthen and restore.

Classes are tailored to individual needs, encouraging students to honour their bodies and minds in a conscious embodiment of yoga practice.

Jessamin’s creative and mindfully choreographed vinyasa flow sequencing weaves together deep, alignment-focussed asana (postures) and pranayama (breathing techniques) with hands-on-assists, heavenly scents and soulful sounds, leaving students grounded and uplifted in equal measure.

One-to-One Classes

One-to-one yoga classes are a great way to develop – or begin – your practice. 

If you are new to yoga you might utilise these sessions as an opportunity to familiarise yourself with the postures, find safe alignment and learn what props might assist you getting into, going deeper and getting out of the poses.

These sessions are also great for those working with injuries or specific health concerns – the classes are tailored to meet your needs in a way that is sometimes harder to find in a group / public setting,

For those with an established practice, privates’ offer the space to dive deeper, be challenged, receive personalised feedback and adjustments, with classes tailored to aid you personal development.

“I had been thinking about trying yoga for a while, but felt intimidated turning up to a group class, and being the ‘newbie’.”

Does that sound like you?

In a friendly and non-judgemental environment you can work with Jessamin to build a strong foundation and understanding of how yoga can work for your unique body, how one can strengthen and support it, and ultimately – if that is your goal – feel empowered to walk into a group class with a new-found confidence.

Yoga in Sri Lanka

When at her home in South West Sri Lanka  Jessamin leads week-long Surf and Yoga retreats for Soul&Surf, drop-in classes and workshops at the beautiful Sri Yoga Shala, and hosts private classes and retreats in residencies all over the island. 

Private Yoga in your Villa

Through word of mouth and client referrals, Jessamin has become the ‘go-to’ instructor for those looking for high-quality private yoga training in the comfort of their own home/villa.

Take your practice deeper in a one-to-one session (or group class with friends and family) at your location, on your schedule – leaving more time to enjoy this beautiful island.

Private sessions offer you

  • flexible scheduling
  • total privacy
  • customised class structures tailored to your needs.


“A group of us set up a “virtual retreat day” with 2 classes and a special catch up... Not only was it a pleasure to see Jess and hear her amazing words of calm and focus but it was a joy to have her guide us through a class with her in depth  knowledge. 

She is a fantastic, humble teacher and even on video is able to impart a sense of being in tune with your body and breath while pushing gently at the edge of physical boundaries. The background sounds of the wildlife  transported me back to the peace and tranquility of the jungle.

Hands down my favourite yoga teacher who leaves me feeling strong, grounded and inspired.”

– Sally H, UK

To arrange introductory, individual or group yoga classes with Jessamin in your residence or studio

– or to find out more – get in touch via the contact page.