Dear Lido

Role: Dancer

Choreographer: Rosie Whitney-Fish

Dear Lido is a playful performance based on the splendour of the much-loved outdoor public pool. Dear Lido celebrates the past and present histories of British swimming culture. The piece brings together visually beautiful moments overlaid with a sense of nostalgia and escapism.
Dear Lido has toured to 42 national outdoor and indoor venues bringing the allure, glamour and tradition of this bye-gone era.
“Lidos were originally built as an inner city oasis’ providing entertainment, fitness and escape. There are currently 300 functioning Lidos, and over 700 disused. When I first visited a Lido it presented a natural theatre – the swimmers, the bathers, the life-guards and cafe attendants, it was full of life and bursting with theatricality. Each Lido is different in its architecture, has a unique history and brings about a totally different set of stories. I was inspired by this and knew I could create theatrical spectacles related to each Lido and its community – it’s exciting as each show is  totally unique.” Rosie Whitney-Fish
Performances include; Open East Festival 2013, Basingstoke Festival 2013, The Big Dance Bus 2012, Stratford Rising 2012, Tynemouth Lido 2012, Poplar Baths 2012, Twickenham Lido 2012, St Andrews Lido 2012, GLA Potters Field Festival 2012, Vintage Festival 2011, Tooting Lido 2010.